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12.04.2005 - The Eraserheads where one of my favorite bands of all time during there introduction in the mid 90's. I didn't knew that until my sister told me they'll get a special tribute album. It was released a few days ago if I'm not not mistaken. The album contains special performances by various famed artists from the industry with there own rendition of the songs sang by the `Heads. The album cover is also a tribute to the fab four drawn by one of the top comic book artists in the industry and that's Arnold Arre.


It contains seventeen tracks with each song performed by 6 Cycle Mind, Paolo Santos, Imago, Barbie Almalbis, South Border,Sugarfree, Kitchie Nadal, and many more. I only had one personal glimpes of the Eraserheads way back in 1997 during my Radio1 days. They where guests for RX93.1's RX Concert Series, and I happen to drop by the station during that night. They where promoting Cutter Pillow back then, and nothing compares the Eraserheads when they perform there own material.

If your still high with the Eraserheads try picking up a copy of this album. You'd wish the Eraserheads would take notice, and make a grand reunion of sorts. Though in reality that would likely be impossible, but this album will do for now.

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