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12.24.2005 - After helping out on the one-day Transfans Philippines event for the Manila International Gift Show 2005, which still runs since it began last December 21st up to the 30th. I suggested that I spend my well deserved three day off away from the hobby, and my buddy JoeShred obliged. He suggested I dropped by RX93.1 and its been quite a long time since I went there for a visit.

Chico & Del On-Air!

There's a lot of changed happened since the last I saw the on-air booth. Actually the last time I got there was not a happy one way back in May 1999, and the most recent drop-by the station experience was with Catseyes on March 2001 secretly we picked up tickets for a party happening back then.

The dynamic duo of JoeShred & MC

So this one's official drop by the station after a long hiatus on radio. I was hoping to stay longer for Radio1, but I don't want to over due my welcome. After the Morning Rush JoeShred and yours trully went to Greenhills, and after lunch we set for home. Just one funny experience though on our way out the parking lot is seeing call center agents setting up a photo shoot for there Friendster stuff. On our way out a nice pretty girl who is the one setting up the cars for there photoshoot gave us a good bye signal. I hope its not the last that we'll see her around.

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