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Nov 25, 2005

Stop Over at 7 Eleven

11.25.2005 - Last night I was just on my home when I decided to stop by my nearest 7 Eleven store to grab some munchies, and guess what I got there?

My 7 Eleven Goodies

Yup! A Hot Wheels Volkswagen Beetle Cup car at 7 Eleven?! I never thought I'd see toys being sold at our local convenient store. I'm not really into diecast toys seriously, but I always wanted a Volkswagen as a dream car. Well I guess this was a better time to grab one, since its the only one I saw there during that time.

Hot Wheels Volkswagen Beetle Cup

The last time I went to a 7 Eleven store, which where selling toys was five years ago. It was during my second and last trip to Hongkong. Now I got a Hot Wheels diecast car and this is my very first. I don't have plans on opening right now, but I'll let you know when I have.

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