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11.08.2005 - I'm fond of reading humor books and its one of my hobbies lately. I'm into Garfield at a young age and in college I was introduced to Pugad Baboy. Today I still do read these books and now my interest has added Beerkada. It was created by Lyndon Gregorio my colleague at Artists' Den. I love reading his books, and I have completed all five issues. Not to mention bought four versions of his shirts, that came out this year being sold at Spoofs Limited.

Last week I just bought the 4th printing of the very first Beerkada book titled Beerlenium. I have finally completed the Beerkada books all I need now is his autograph usually his cartoon art depicting me. Yesterday also I went all the way to the Pugad Baboy warehouse to avail the 18th Pugad Baboy book, which wasn't being sold yet in major bookstores. I haven't finished reading both books, but I'm sure you'll laugh your lungs out on these books. I advice everyone to pick a copy its not only because of the laughs that your gonna get. Its made by Filipinos for the Filipinos.

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