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11.13.2005 - Hero TV's Grand Launch has begun and people where lining up to get inside the Philippine Training Trade Center in Roxas Boulevard. Well this is unfortunate for me to say this, but it was like going through ROTC training when we got there. Personally it took us four hours to get in the building, and its not a very pretty experience for the younger ones.

Its only day one and people are crowding today, since its FREE ADMISSION and you know when people hear the word "FREE" pandemonium errupts. So far getting there by 9:30AM and getting inside by 1:05PM was not the idea me and my companion had in mind. The experience was not bareable for a visitor, but for the exihibitors its a great event to be part of. Well there's this analogy of mine and that is you have to put the people who went to the event first. I guess that experience as one of them is not what we had in mind as we elbowed our way in for four hours burning in heat. The event is not a catastrophe though it was a successful one, but for the younger kids and parents for them I dont think that's not a great thing to remember.

Honestly I like the set-up its just poor crowd control, that look like a little bad for the event. We didn't think about the experience would be this difficult outside the venue. Waiting to get in for four hours, compared to other conventions this was more difficult to get in. The worst part is having stuck with other people's sweat was not good enough until somebody farted we felt... Violated.

To view more on our coverage for day one go to this gallery HERE. Let's hope I get in to cover day two.

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