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Jul 20, 2005

Reading Materials.

07.20.2005 - I should have posted a new update regarding that I have finally bought some reading materials for my downtime at work. Well unfortunately the "hand-me-down" PC at home won't agree with me. Finally after work I just want to share with you what I'm currently reading.

First off thanks to Azrael for the suggestion on picking up PUMP magazine, though I haven't read all the articles it has been borrowed by my office mates.nI also picked up Coraline after Neil Gaiman left, which I decided to try reading one of his children books.

Actually I'm almost halfway from finishing the book, and it was really one of those good read, that kept me from being bored from downtime.

(Please CLICK on the title for the full article)

The other reading materials I got are Lyndon Gregorio's Beerkwatro which he signed last Sunday when I was with Az, his mom, & youngest sister. The last one I got is the first issue of Batman and Robin All-Stars by Jim Lee and Frank Miller.

So far I've read Coraline and it was very interesting. Coming from the man who made everybody welcome from the book signing a week ago. I haven't paid attention to reading his stuff way back. But it was one of those books that got me back from reading seriously including comics again.

Anyways special thanks to everyone who blog-in and emailed me privately. You know who you are, and for more Neil Gaiman experience go check out Ms. Josefa Labay Cagoco of Business World Weekender for her complete coverage.

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