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Jul 17, 2005

Just passing by...

07.17.2005 - I haven't been around to check out what was the commotion yesterday when I went to Glorietta. Nope I wasn't keen on checking the bookshops for the Half-blood sitxth book of Harry Potter. I was only going to look for Coraline which Azrael suggests as a good read material. When I got to Powerbooks on Saturday afternoon the green covered Harry Potter book is displayed once you enter Powerbooks Live in Greenbelt.

The Harry Potter crowd in Glorietta Activity Center

I was like whoa... Thought as hyped as Powerbooks Live can be I'm not going to buy that book. I'm just here for Coraline. Even if Neil Gaiman's in Melbourne I would still get Coraline. I might start with my collections from comics to books again.

I went to two Powerbooks branch in Makati that day but Coraline was nowhere in sight. On my way back to Landmark to get my groceries I passed by Glorietta's Activity Center where a huge crowd of Potter fans sat. Small booths was erected just like in the Harry Potter books where Diagon Alley was the theme of the event. I was in a hurry to go because I had a night shift for work. When I got to the office one of the agents bought a book and took home the "Do Not Open Before July 16, 2005" box. I wonder if it still up there in the lockers. Hmm...

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