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05.07.2005 - Animax Robo-Dreams 2005 another event from the only Anime channels in Asia. Interactive booths, attractive cosplays, awesome Gundam displays, and lots of people had packed that day.

It was an afternoon delight fro fans in the Philippines. The event was held at the Glorietta Activity Center and the entrance was FREE. Definitely a place to be for those who was at the mall.

This is also the event that promote the upcoming shows specially the latest incarnation of Astro Boy.

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As well as the classic Gundam series like the Z and double ZZ respectively. This is also the day Astro Boy celebrates his birthday outside of Japan, which Animax bring you more fun, festive, and eventful fair for this year's Animax event. If you missed it recently check out some of these selected images catured yesterday...

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