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08.01.2017 – If you’re into small utility vehicles there are a lot of variations from different brands. In the diecast toy collecting world there’s rarely an interest for these things as more are into cars and rare collectability.

Hot Wheels is one such brand that leads the diecast market with a diverse line of collectible toys. The Ford Transit Connect is one such utility vehicle that’s getting a few attentions with its design because it was based on a real vehicle.

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The previously featured the second iteration of the Ford Transit Connect that was released in 2015 with rather dull aesthetics when it comes to the combination of colors and minimal tampograph that didn’t get much justice to its previous release.

For the 2017 the Ford Transit Connect returns with funkier colors and a new identity as a Pizza Deliver Van that would probably get your attention. It still has the same look based on the real world Transit Connect that was customized by Ice Nine Group with its front design taking cues from the Ford RS Focus.

Pizza Express Machine

As part of a new diverse sub-line of cars for the 2017 year Hot Wheels has included the Ford Transit Connect in the “HW City Works.” It’s 6 out of 10 cars that fall into this category that is also part of the “Track Stars” meaning you can use this to race the Transit Connect into the Hot Wheels tracks.

The long carded blister shows a revised artwork of the Ford Transit Connect in its Pearl Dark Pink colors now as ‘sporty’ Pizza Deliver Van, which would certainly turn some heads in some city street out there. The all-new colors and now as a service vehicle is interesting to see in the Hot Wheels series.

Sporty Delivery Machine

Aside from the detailed tampo prints on both side and well detailed casting it would have been great if the rear doors can open similar to the MBX Moving Van. But overall this second version introduced for the 2015 series by Hot Wheels of the Ford Transport Connect is a welcoming addition to the brand.

Overall there’s more potential for the Ford Transport Connect with its use as a utility vehicle, but the recent appearance doesn’t have the appeal to make it a believable service that Hot Wheels should take advantage in its next release.

Revving up for Delivery

Just like the 2014 release it is based on an actual custom vehicle done by Ice Nine Group for SEMA 2013, where it was redesigned with a new “euro-look” that has widen its wheel base in the front and rear.

The changes also included are the gullwing units replacing the sliding doors, side exhausts were fitted, and as mentioned the nose was grafted taking inspiration from the RS Focus giving it a very sporty look. The 2017 edition in diecast car form takes more loud colors with yellow trimmings in its wheels.

Pizza-licious on Wheels

Though with all the new colors and aesthetic design you can’t stop to nitpick some details are still missing like the headlights are unpainted and along with the Ford logo just not being there. But you can understand how much of the details really pop out without even noticing it.

Overall it is a refreshing look for the Ford Transit Connect to get a third go around with its new look as a Pizza Delivery van in comparison to its 2015 release that seemed dull that just say “Hot Wheels” with a boring font as its aesthetics. The rest as the say a good look for the 2017 and there’s a secondary color in dark blue that’s already out now.

“Ford Transit Connect” is part of the 2017 Hot Wheels series numbered 6 out of 10 under the HW City Works sub-line with iverall numbered as 143 of 365 in the enitre series manufactured by Mattel, which was acquired in Australia for $2.00 AUD or PhP 80.00 Philippine pesos.

Hot Wheels is distributed and sold in the Philippines by Richprime Global Inc currently retailed at PhP 109.75 pesos!

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