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07.29.2017 – If Wreck-Gar from the 1986 Transformers: The Movie would sell a car he would advertise it as a “sexy import with turbo handling.”

The Toyota C-HR is one SUV Crossover that is described in this nature just being introduced in the Australian market in early 2017.

So far there’s no variation of this model but you take a closer look it screams stylish with sleek contours. Toyota also partnered with AFL team Adelaide Crows in promoting this car since they’re the major sponsor having the CH-R in their colors…

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The subcompact crossover named “C-HR” had a few definitions to its initials. The name C-HR stands for Compact High Rider, Cross Hatch Run–about or Coupé High–Rider. Either meaning to pick it sticks out as impressive as it looks. The 5-door hatchback the Toyota Urban Cruiser and Toyota Verso-S in the European market, which also includes Toyota Matrix and Scion xD both in North America.

In Japan it succeeds Toyota Rav4 (XA30), Ist, and Rush. This C-HR version is dressed up in Adelaide Crows colors being the team’s major sponsor. Currently on display at the basement level of Westfield Marion and here are some of the images of the Toyota C-HR in all its impressive contours below:

“Toyota C-HR” is a subcompact crossover now available for the Australian market. For more about the product LIKE Toyota Australia on Facebook!

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