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04.01.2017 – There are solo art shows that appeal to everyone, but for Doctor Karayom’s solo show this must be his most provocative to date. If you have an open mind you’ll probably find this interesting.

The show’s title is “3 Hours” and the smallest gallery section of Vinyl on Vinyl has been cordoned of with a curtain with shapes of genitals. A warning for those who would browse contents below as read at your own risk…

(Please CLICK on the title for the full article)

This exhibit section is obviously strictly for adults as it has sexual explicit content and obvious audio when you enter the exhbiy. This for the reason there are only very few photos taken as there’s a sign that the gallery strictly posted a sign for no photography. But Vinyl on Vinyl has given access to the gallery with a sneak peek with these photos below:

“3 Hours” runs for two weeks at the Vinyl on Vinyl gallery located at 2135 Warehouse II 2nd Level, Chino Roces Avenue (Formerly Pasong Tamo) in Makati City.

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