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02.01.2016 – There have been several versions of Lightning McQueen, the lead character from Disney and Pixar’s successful Cars franchise that has produced a sequel (Cars 2) which will be followed by a third one not in the immediate future.

But it is certainly IF the third one comes out there will be more versions of him in diecast collectible form. This is just one toy manufacturer alone, and not including another company like Takara Tomy to produce their version released only in Japan which includes some parts of Southeast Asia that’s catching up to the Cars craze.

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The Cars line of diecast collectible produced by Takara Tomy for the Tomica range of vehicles has the rights for the license as far back to the first film. Mater and Doc Hudson versions produced for the Tomica Cars line has been previously reviewed as far back to the release of Cars 2 film.

It just happens that Ban Kee the local distributor of the Tomica brand just imported the Cars line in late 2015. Though there is no new animated Cars show, and there were only short films that were only shown in television that’s unrelated to the diecast cars that are now available to the Philippine market.

Lightning Ka-Chow

This would be considered brand new to the Philippine region, but previously there have been Tomica produced diecast vehicles based from Pixar Animations franchise that where available in local provinces before. But last year was the first time the entire Cars line was widely available for the local market.

Lightning McQueen is part of the wave from both Cars franchise and this version is the one that was introduced in the first animated film. Not to immediately compare this to the US produced version this McQueen is smaller than its American counterpart. But the details and quality are at par with those decals, but you’ll notice that the red shade is lighter even the ‘Rusteze’ logo is noticeably different.

Rough Driving Racer

The Tomica produced version of Lightning McQueen has something that the US version that doesn’t have, and that is the trademark suspension most of the brand continue to incorporate with their vehicles. The working suspension adds realism to the fictional look of talking car not that Lightning needs it on rougher roads.

Almost all the Cars characters have been produced by Tomica with well detailed look based from its appearance in the films and animated short. Lightning McQueen was mostly the one that was sold out last year when it first came out.

Piston Cup Winner

Overall Lightning McQueen is a must have for those who are into collecting the Tomica brand at the same time a fan of the Cars films, animated short and specials. If you’re just into one character and not planning to get all versions this one definitive version from the original Cars, the others its all up to you if you want to get them all.

Lightning McQueen from Disney Pixar’s Cars is designated number C-01 in the Tomica Cars series manufactured by Takara Tomy retailed at PhP 399.75 pesos. Tomica cars are locally distributed by Ban Kee Trading Corporation.

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