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12.25.2015 – This the season for Christmas and sometimes you don’t need gifts to unwrap but to get a good laugh at what you’ll see on television or even online. TV commercials are those venues of entertainment too just how it’s executed.

State Farm® Insurance is one of those companies who are innovative enough to make their brand familiar to consumers like the introduction of ‘Meet the Hoopers’ TVC!

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“The Hoopers” could probably a parody based from classic American sitcoms featuring a dysfunctional family. This is collaboration with The State Farm and NBA in bringing an ensemble cast of athletes portraying surreal characters in a modern American home.

This is a follow-up to the ‘Born to Assist’ campaign last year featuring Los Angeles Clippers guard Chris Paul having a fictional twin brother who works for The State Farm named Cliff Paul (also portrayed by Chris Paul), which expanded to having three more NBA players having John Stockton, Damian Lilliard, Stephen Curry and with WNBA’s Sue Bird having their own fictional twin that ran for three seasons.

Their latest campaign introducing ‘The Hoopers’ features Chris Paul (Dad), his teammate on the Los Angeles Clippers DeAndre Jordan (Mom), Kevin Love (son) of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Kevin Garnett (Grampa) from the Minnesota Timberwolves and Damian Lillard (baby) of the Portland Trail Blazers.

They all will appear in multi-platform campaign throughout the season, anchored by five spots, which "demonstrates the value of receiving help from a State Farm agent during every stage of life."

The introduction of ‘Meet the Hoopers’ TV spot was aired only in the US, but since NBA Premium TV in the Philippines also airs the North American commercial this was also been viewed in this part of Asia and you can see the opening clip:

Details of this new TV commercial featuring “The Hoopers” is the first marketing campaign since State Farm renewed its alliance with the NBA.

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