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04.08.2015 – The Hummer considered a popular brand of trucks and SUVs first sold commercially in 1992 manufactured by AM General started selling the civilian version of the M998 Humvee. It was iconic on its own but originally began as a military vehicle.

Following its success General Motors (GM) purchased the brand name and produced three vehicles up until 2010. Hot Wheels first introduced the diecast version in 1991 coming up with variations iterations from military to its current appearance. They also produced different color variants and in 1996 they had one in PINK.

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Yes, there was a Hummer that came in pink released under the ‘Mod Bod Series’ that had a hippie culture design. From a vehicle that was originally designed as a light cargo transport behind frontlines. The ‘Hummer’ is mistaken name for the vehicle it’s actually the brand like most Filipinos consider ‘Volkswagen’ as the name of the classic Beetle. Its nickname is the ‘Humvee’ which is commonly known for, but it’s actually High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle (HMMWV).

The first Humvee produced by Hot Wheels had a gun turret on top and it was in desert camouflage. The new variation without the gun turret was released in 1996 with slight tweak of the desert camo colors, which is the same year they had the ‘Mod Bod Series.’ This is the civilian version and also introduced in a different color variant that could possibly no entirely rare but unique in the shade of pink.

After its original release in military themed colors, the Humvee a muscular vehicle in appearance was released in colored pink. Not just in this feminine shade of color it had additional flower designs, since it was part of the ‘Mod Bod Series’ a sub-line of diecast vehicles for Hot Wheels in 1996.

The ‘Mod Bod Series’ had four vehicles that includes the Hummer, School Bus, VW Bug, and a 1967 Camaro. All of them have ‘happy’ colors and while the Hummer is unique in all of them they still share something common, which is the hippie culture theme from the 1970s era. In all the four vehicles under this sub-line the Humvee stands out being a vehicle sent in the war mostly seen action during the Gulf War.

This comes in contradictory of its Pink color and having a hip culture theme that promotes ‘Love and Peace’ that makes this a must have for any collector.

The Humvee also known as the ‘H1’ has come a long way, but due to its declining popularity it was discontinued and the last Humvee which is the H3 roll out of its assembly plans on May 24, 2010. The diecast version was still produced by Mattel and the most recent variant was included in the ‘Attack Pack’ 5-Pack in 2014.

There was another variation of the Hummer that Mattel produced in high quality sporting rubber tires and a pop-up hood gimmick in 2002. But this pink version definitely stands out among the color variation and the most recent iteration.

You might find it hard to look for a pink Hummer from 1996 release, but acquiring one is something that says a lot.

Having black and silver construction tires adds up its intimidating look that never diminished is masculine appearance even though it came in pink. The chassis is die cast while the main body is made of plastic. But certainly you can immediately see this from a far if this was a real car.

Overall it’s certainly a must-have that promotes the ‘Love and Peace’ hippie culture in pink with green and yellow flower with peace signs and doves included in the design. Certainly a delight colored in candy pink and it’s probably the happiest vehicle in the ‘Mod Bod Series’ next to its contemporaries.

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