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03.17.2015 – Pilipinas Hino Incorporated manufacturers of Hino buses and trucks has been in the country for forty years and to celebrate its anniversary one-stop truck manufacturer sets one-of-a-kind show which is dubbed “World of Hino.”

The event is open to the public which will showcase the history of Hino as well as the latest buses and trucks that they are presenting to the local. This will run from March 20 to 22, 2015 at Hall A of the World Trade Center Manila.

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Vicente T. Mills Jr., president of Pilipinas Inc. addressed that “The World of Hino is a fitting show to celebrate Pilipinas Hino’s milestones and accomplishments as our products have helped moved people, products and services across the country” and he encourages everyone about the event and adds “We invite the public to come join us and have a special preview of all the Hino products in different modifications for use in various industries.”

This will open doors and educate visitors who will be given a preview on how Hino will benefit and give impact to wide array of businesses. They will also get to see first-hand look on the truck manufacturer like Hino can customize and its products and tailor-fit trucks and buses depending on the specifications of the client up to vehicle maintenance, repair, and refurbishing. This has been a trademark that established the company’s success for four decades.

What you’ll see in The World of Hino not only the company’s evolution, but they will also exhibit like the WU302Li which can be customized to become an ambulance, school bus, bubble top AUV, and passenger van; the WU342Li Dropside; the WU730L GBus II (30-seater mini bus) and wing van (for tarpaulin advertising); the XZU720L Double Cab – Dropside; the FC9J – LSA Sewer Jet (these trucks uses high-pressure sewer jetting method for cleaning sewer and drain lines using high pressure water); FG8J – PSB Garbage Compactor (for picking garbage and compressing it); the FM1J RUA Telescopic Crane (cranes are used for loading heavy objects to the truck) and the Vacuum Truck (used for loading solids, liquids, sludge or slurries. Vacuum trucks are used by town, and municipal, governments and by commercial companies).

Hino is best known for heavy duty vehicles and bigger trucks will be on display like the SS1E10-Wheeler Tractor Head; the SH1E 6-Wheeler Tractor Head; the FS1E – LVM with Mixer Body; the ZS1E Dump Truck; the RM2P Grand Echo II Luxurious Bus, among others.

They will also feature their latest product which is the popular Dutro series, a line of light-duty trucks which caters to transport needs of small and medium size businesses.

“The World of Hino” will be on March 20 to 22, 2015 at the Hall A of the World Trade Center in Pasay City. For more about the event and further inquiries LIKE Pilipinas Hino Incorporated on Facebook!

Visit the official site at: PilipinasHino.com.ph

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