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02.24.2015 – How do you loose Focus? Everyone has set and programmed their minds in one goal in life. But to get there it’s a difficult process and it will always be a challenge perceived to be in reality as a problem.

The movie Focus is something-like an underwhelmed film that just popped out of nowhere, which was unlikely or hardly anything but uninteresting. The case in point because the lead star has not been a blockbuster and the female lead is unknown.

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When the first trailer was released it was like going back to how Will Smith started to rise up on his career. Margot Robbie an Aussie star who became known in a TV series call neighbors was just starting in Hollywood as this the femme fatale in the “Wolf of Wall Street” and rarely seen her acting chops. But for her to get on Focus she did more than show some skin and you might not try to imagine her as Harley Quinn for the upcoming Suicide Squad as nobody sees her in that yet not right away for now.

Will Redemption

You look at “Hitch” what do you see? Almost ten years ago Will Smith was a budding star and his career was on the rise. From his break out film from Bad Boys to Independence Day to recording “Big Willie Styles” (his first solo album after “DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince”) he had “Hitch.”

“Hitch” was like a con man (but entirely someone who is a dating expert) doing the smooth talking for those who can’t when it’s the matter of the heart. He did good on that one that Will became more likable and expands his acting then I Am Legend or the third Men in Black followed, which continued with The Pursuit of Happyness. He was good in those and then there are the not-so epic ones.

“Focus” might not be related to “Hitch” but it contains one common personality. The lead character is a con artist (a dating expert seems like a con artist if you’re not familiar with it) as for this one he’s not doing it for love, but he’s doing it for the craft in illegal means in making LOTS of money. Just like the Meta of being a “Hammer” or a “Nail” this film has brought back what Will Smith was likable about and it’s not too late to like him again after his career that almost gone south. Oh he is quite the “Hammer” in this film as if the idea how the character was also a “Nail” as you see it unfold.

That Twisted Kind of Beauty

The thought of beauty Margot Robbie come to mind for a young Aussie talent she’s slowly becoming known for showing off some skin. But if you look back to her previous acting stints she has potential and you add that gorgeous body you got yourself a winner. But if this is a basketball scouting report she’s not there yet though in reality when you look at Hollywood the turnover is the same as how the NBA teams change their roster.

The movie itself is a beauty with its absurd kind of mind bending narrative that tend the viewers to really loose their Focus on who did what and how it went through the process. Will Smith had one shot at coming back and this film was this, which was really impressive the way how the story rolled off the factory floor if it was a new car. Rodrigo Santoro was interesting too not that he’s channeling his inner Xerxes he could have been a major antagonist from the start, but he could have done something more.

Unexpected Expectations

There’s nothing said about Focus rather than it was something you should keep an eye on the ball, which everyone should have but some didn’t. There was also Adrian Martinez who almost stole the show. He was entertaining as having good chemistry with Margot Robbie and Will Smith with some memorable scenes that’s going to make you laugh.

Overall Focus was like fun in the start that takes into a convoluted traffic that you need to get though, but then again there was something beneath all that narrative which you need to be aware about that makes this film good not being over marketed as hyped heist film.

“Focus” is directed by Ficarra and John Requa which also written by them that stars Will Smith and Margot Robbie heading to Philippine cinemas on February 25, 2015 from Warner Bros Picture Studios!

RATED: 4 Out of 5 Stars

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