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02.02.2015 – Volkswagen Philippines was at the recently concluded All VW Classic/Custom/New-Generation Car Show last January 29th to give you glimpse of what they are going to launch sometime this month.

The country’s largest convergence of classic and current VW models was in full regalia Camp Aguinaldo Grand Parade Grounds. Among the highlights of the whole day event organized by the VW Club of the Philippines (VWCP) is to see VW PH’s latest cars.

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There’s also the experience to test drive their latest offerings like the Touran MPV, Tiguan SUV, Polo sedan, and the iconic Beetle. “We want to let these enthusiasts and guests to realize that the same fun-to-drive spirit is alive and well in all the latest models of VW,” said Klaus Schadewald, VW PH chief operating adviser.

K. Schadewald added that there were also numerous inquiries about VW PH other models displayed at the booth: the soon-to-be-available Golf GTI and the Touran bearing the Papal decals (this model was chosen as one of Pope Francis’ official vehicles during his recent visit to the country).

In a media forum organized by VW PH, K. Schadewald expressed that VW’s latest models are still the “people’s car” (translation of Volkswagen) as today’s generation of car buyers experience the need for better mobility such as safety, engine technology, comfort, among others.

Compared to previous models, today’s car generation is equipped with airbags, ESP (electronic stabilization program), ABS (anti-lock braking system), brake and steering assistance, power windows, air-conditioning, which were missing in the first generations.

VW vehicles are engineered for maximum performance and safety. One will never reach the limit but it is an assurance to always have safety reserve in a car.

“Mention VW and what immediately comes to mind is that little car with a bulbous arches, bug-eye lights, rounded roof and sloping backside. Fondly called the ‘Bug’, the classic VW Beetle became one of the best selling cars in the world,” related Doy Bondoc, national president of VWCP, an organization with close to 2,000 members and 14 chapters nationwide.

According to Dr. Cesar Martinez, VWCP past president, the classic VW Beetle has been—and still is—a part of the lives of countless Filipino families. “A lot of them learned to drive or went to their first date riding in one. It also became an important part of the urban landscape, since it was embraced by the ’70s hippies, artists, college students and even activists.”

And just like these enthusiasts’ enduring love affair with the German automotive icon, Schadewald hopes that VW’s latest vehicles would inspire another generation of safer, more responsible and fun-loving motorist.

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