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01.20.2015 – The longest weekend is finally over as Pope Francis left the Philippines on a high note. The five-day event has been viewed on television as wells as having the biggest pilgrimage since St. John Paul II last came in 1995.

Yesterday was the very last day of the Papal Visit that drove most of Metro Manila to the streets just to see Pope Francis. The attendance in Luneta Park was astonishing with six million people individuals who went there amidst the downpour just to witness the mass. After 20 years another Pope has came to the country to visit those in Tacloban…

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In the last few days people went out in growing numbers in the streets waiting for the Pope to pass by their area. It’s the festive sight that even the Sinulog Festival for this year was almost unheard of.

The pilgrimage to see the post one last time in the street was something to take you back in 1995 when the World Youth Day was commenced in the arrival of St. John Paul II. Though not as many people as it was back then for those who would remember it was also the biggest festivity that was held in the span of five days.

For this year Pope Francis goes back to Rome on a high note inspiring people and giving them something to hope for. The images below where taken yesterday in the corner of Gil Puyat and Roxas Boulevard as the Pope Mobile pass by for the last time…

When he arrived last Thursday he was on the Pope mobile and when he left he was on the same vehicle and in-between those days he was on the 7-seater Volkswagen Touran that was the most visible service Pope Francis has ridden to the places he has been. It’s great for those who finally witness him drive off to the airport and let’s hope he returns.

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