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01.16.2015 – American Sniper tells the life story of Chris Kyle known to be called “The Legend” who has killed a hundred enemy targets when he was sent to the battle fronts. The film carries a lot more than what goes on in Kyle’s mind after his tours.

The film directed by Academy Award winner in Clint Eastwood taking this story more than just inspired by the bestselling book Chris Kyle has co-authored. It’s a story about a man dealing with his guilt taking down individuals and his personal demons.

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From the start of the film’s promotion there were mixed reactions why he was being glorified as a hero. But it depends on who has read his books or heard about his exploits as a member of SEAL Team 3. There’s a bit of debate there by some individuals who would not agree. But for a viewers standpoint it’s the affect that Kyle was dealing with during his tour to war after the incidents of 911.

He was merely taking this as a job nothing personal and his mission takes a lot of guts to take down any individual out there that would put harm to his team. It takes a lot of courage taking a target whoever deemed a threat, and he has to live with that even though “it’s just a job” and there’s a human drama in seeing a man struggling with this.

His story doesn’t just focused on his days being on tour, but also dealing with his life when he’s home. The only person who can see this happen is his wife and its also a weight she’s trying to understand the conflicts Chris is going through when he’s at war.

Bradley Cooper’s portrayal on Chris Kyle may not be as spot-on as the man himself has past away long before production has started. But certainly Cooper definitely delivers a sterling performance that would earn him an Academy nomination. Sienna Miller portraying Taya Kyle performance had some also taking notice. The film is well-balanced in story telling and each scene there’s something that changes the character’s perception about his job as a NAVY SEAL sniper operative.

Clint Eastwood’s recent film a light hearted musical that’s really something he tackled with. But he’s more into the action and drama that makes him a good director. The American Sniper would be is best film yet when it hits cinemas all over the world.

Overall this could be the best film to see at the start of the year out of the pack of independent films that’s making a run at the Oscars. The American Sniper has a lot of weight and enough violence for you to see how life as a soldier is a difficult one.

Even being away from their families and love ones their dealing with psychological trauma. But it comes with a job being someone to be the troops eye in the battlefield and Eastwood as made an authentic film that some would open up how life going war is a very difficult to deal with.

American Sniper opens in Philippine cinemas on January 21, 2015 from Warner Bros. Picture Studios starring Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller, directed by Clint Eastwood.

RATED: 4 Out of 5 Bullets

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