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01.21.2015 – If 2014 had the biggest art launches that featured local creative collaborating with their foreign counterparts at Secret Fresh. For 2015 expect more surprises as the New Year is slowly becoming a memory there’s more AFTER PARTY.

Just like a ride on a rollercoaster Secret Fresh will take it slow as it builds up to be the best for this year. For this exhibit two talented creative individuals from Secret Studio and Cavity Collective collaborate to open Secret Fresh for its first show…

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The AFTER PARTY takes you to the nostalgic late 1980s with bright superficial colors and underlying controversies behind the celebrated events and personalities. This is of course a collaborative effort which is a two-man show by Sidney Valdez (Secret Studio) and Dr. Karayom (Cavity Collective).

Sidney Valdez

Dr. Karayom

About The Artist

DR KARAYOM received his Fine Arts degree at the Technological University of the Philippines, Manila. He is a member of Cavity Collective, a group of active street artists mostly based in Cavite. Aside from street art, he draws with ball point pens usually red in color, sculpts toys and statues. His subjects tackle topics like religion, Filipino culture, supernatural, superstition, reality, horror, gore using his satirical approach. He has participated in over 15 exhibits since 2011. For this exhibit, Dr Karayom will introduce his life size Tumadors.

Secret Fresh is located at the ground level of Ronac Art Center along Ortigas avenue, and for future art exhibits and toy launches LIKE Secret Fresh on Facebook. You can also follow them on Twitter at: @FreshManila

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