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12.11.2014 – It has been said there won’t be another Michael Jordan. Indeed there won’t be but there will be others who will emulate how he played the game of basketball. There won’t be the same individual but you’ll see his influence from another person.

That person is Kobe Bryant. The same individual everyone is comparing, debating, and discussed about in the same conversation with Michael Jordan.

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As he closes in to surpass MJ to the third all-time scoring list take a look back at how it began. The journey is different but the game is similar for both men. For once Michael Jordan was found by everyone and you won’t find the next person he will show up. For all the discussions, comparisons and heated debate there can only be one Michael Jordan.

Sure you can apologize… “Sorry Kobe you’re not Michael Jordan.” He never was. But the similarities of these two are comparable because the younger one is inspired by the older statesman, and there are a lot of fans out there are just jealous that they never got closer to Michael Jordan. Bryant may not surpass or have equal championships as with Michael but the motivation and competitive nature is second to none.

Michael Jordan did not become who he was if not inspired by Julius “Dr. J” Erving and the same goes with Kobe Bryant. He was fortunate to see greatness in his prime and this follows his own destiny. Everyone might not agree that Kobe Bryant is this generation’s Michael Jordan since the younger ones did not see him actually play. But it’s a great conversation the same way Jordan was with Dr. J and as Bryant closes in to surpass the third all-time scoring list the discussion about whose better will never end. As much as Jordan tries to tease everyone you can say all you want this is how he thinks…

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"Truth of the matter is, he helped me a great deal. I reach out to him he'll hit me right back, I ask him for advice, he'd give me advice from the heart," - Kobe Bryant

"I really like Kobe Bryant's competitive drive, He's cursed as much as I am," - Michael Jordan

For those doubters and naysayers they should just watch enjoy the view just forget getting too serious about this debate. It’s just a game and let’s see how Mr. Bryant go further beyond the compliment being compared to the “Greatest Of All Time.”

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