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12.13.2014 – Kobe Bryant has mentioned that he previously filmed a documentary, since he doesn’t have the patience to write a book. It’s more than just a documentary as he said and at the same time its also therapeutic for him to get it also out of his chest.

The man who would be compared to Michael Jordan is 31 points away from surpassing him in the NBA All-Time Scoring list as of this writing. He also teased the upcoming documentary with this trailer…

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Kobe Bryant’s Muse delves into who he is and his journey as a basketball player. Some say he has become the shadow of what Michael Jordan was.

It was all over in the news in the past few days. At the same time there’s an article revealing what is his true competitive nature. But there’s probably more that not everyone has seen that will be revealed in the upcoming documentary.

Perhaps let’s have Mr. Bryant show us what he is not only as the future hall of famer but the best Kobe Bryant he can be…

Kobe Bryant’s Muse sets to be aired in the US on ShowTime this February 2015!

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