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10.03.2014 – Earlier this year in March Volkswagen in German celebrated the E-Mobility event for two weeks. There were 35,000 guests who went to Berlin that promoted the “e-Mobility” that electrified the city with music and arts.

This also revealed the e-Golf a testament of future mobility and to continue more of E-Mobility Volkswagen enlisted to iconic figures, who knows about the future with a TV spot featuring Star Trek legends William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy!

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Volkswagen explores where no other car manufacturer has gone before that’s going green with electric vehicles. For years the ‘People’s Car’ maker has been pushing this technology to the next level. To its true testament in further promoting e-Mobility and what the future holds for electric vehicles they have produced TV spots exclusively for three places that are promoting the ‘e-Mobility’ campaign.

The TV spot features a kid who eventually playing with a USS Enterprise model seeing William Shatner the original James Tiberius Kirk who just recently moved next door.

Shatner eventually warms up to the young Trekkie letting him ride his e-Golf an electric powered seventh generation version of the Volkswagen GTi (the gas version was teased during the Philippine International Motor Show).

While driving around the suburbs William Shatner meets up with Leonard Nimoy the original actor who portrayed Spock from the classic TV series last seen in 2012’s “Star Trek Into the Darkness” driving the prototype VW electric car. The TV spot is just less than a minute but for all the Trekkies in the world this is magical to see both icons Starfleet teaming up once again to deliver Volkswagen’s e-Mobility campaign.

The TV spot was dubbed in German but the feel of the TV commercial is like teasing fans of a possible ‘What If’ these two actors really reunite on Star Trek 3 set hit cinemas sometime in 2016.

Volkswagen e-Mobility is only available in London, Paris, and Berlin. For more details read all about it HERE. Volkswagen has a dealership in the Philippines and for more about their vehicles LIKE Volkswagen Philippines on Facebook and follow on Twitter at: @Volkswagen_PH

Visit the site at: Volkswagen.com.ph

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