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10.13.2014 – Secret Fresh, Imagine Nation Studios (INS) in collaboration with Sket One in his first ever Philippine solo show was a success. His custom Dunny 6” art toys, and artworks, which where on exhibit were gone from the display before the show ended.

Titled “Nuff Varieties” Sket One also launched his first ever art toy exclusive for the Philippines, which is the “CatchUp” as part of his HoodsGoodz series. The angry Heinz-like ketchup bottle holding a broken bottle was limited to 25 pieces.

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The event started at 4 PM and followers of Sket One’s previous works were already lined up for the meet and greet signing event. Sket One has been customizing and designing art toys for more than 10 years. Known in the urban lifestyle scene as a street graffiti artist for many years made his first trip to the Philippines, and together with Imagine Nation Studios they produced the “CatchUp” art toy that was an exclusive at Secret Fresh.

Late in the afternoon past 6 PM the limited customs that were on exhibit was already sold out with his artworks, which also includes the customized fire extinguishers inspired from local and international ketchup brands.

There were also limited edition ‘Big Boy’ statues based on Sket One’s design that was produced by Imagine Nation Studios, which there only three produced currently. But they will be making twelve more as they are made 1 in three days. But INS’ quality has exceeded Sket One’s expectations that he enjoyed collaborating with them.definite hit.

If you missed Sket One’s first ever Philippine solo show check out the images below:

Nuff Varieties” Sket One’s first ever Philippine show, which also launched the limited released “CatchUp” art toy, was held at Secret Fresh in collaboration with Imagine Nation Studios (INS).

For more about Sket One LIKE Sket One Productions and follow on Twitter at: @SketOne

Visit the site at: Sket-One.com

You can check out upcoming art toy projects and collaboration just LIKE Imagination Studios on Facebook and follow on Instagram at: @ImagineNationStudios

Secret Fresh is located at the ground level of Ronac Art Center along Ortigas avenue, and for future art exhibits and toy launches LIKE Secret Fresh on Facebook. You can also follow them on Twitter at: @FreshManila

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