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10.22.2014 – The Judge is not just some courtroom drama that you’ve probably seen in the past. The appeal can deceive you for its simple narrative, but overall it’s very much cerebral and emotionally challenging to see this in the big screen.

Of course when you mention Robert Downey Jr. the Iron Man/Tony Stark persona is there indeed in the opening scene of the trailer that swagger was there. But when you see the actual film Downey Jr. Morphs himself to deviate from his most popular character.

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Bannered by a very talented cast Downey Jr. like an Avenger has his own team of individuals in The Judge, though not from saving the world from any immediate threat. But it’s more of something deeper and very much personal when you talk about family. This might be similar to everyone’s everyday drama not on the fictional level that we all know about Downey’s out worldly portrayal. But it surely gives you the reason why he’s finally found his groove to grow further in portraying characters like Hank Palmer.

For once inside the cinema there was an in-joke on Hank Palmer’s name that he might be related to a superhero. But then again let’s not stray away from how this film was received positively. Entirely The Judge is pictured about the estrangement of father and son, which both actors in Downey and Robert Duvall had quite chemistry.

It was indeed a deep story that focuses on these two gentlemen, but it’s also a life’s lesson for Hank Palmer what he left behind in Carinville Indiana. There was even more about that back story than putting a local town judge in the spotlight. But there’s so much more tragedy that builds on as the story progress. But like any typical film that has Robert Downey Jr, there are light moments like his relationship with his daughter. But the heart of the film belongs to the courtroom scenes with Billy Bob Thornton.

The heart wrenching scenes might not be as heavy or as predictable, but you’ll see the emotion run through it. David Dobkin incorporates strong visuals like the bicycle scene with Downey. But you’ll never get off the hump that Tony Stark also wears rock n’ roll shirts that’s hard to deviate from Hank Palmer.

Overall The Judge has its charm from its talented actors though you would immediately forget the characters, but not Downey’s playful tease that he built the persona of another fictional character. This film might not be as polished as you’ve expected to be but the narrative hits home that actually revolves not on Hank Palmer but Duvall’s Joseph Palmer the town’s most decorated judge.

The Judge opens in Philippine cinemas now October 22, 2014 nationwide from Warner Bros. Picture Studios.

RATED: 4 and half Out of 5 Stars

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