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10.04.2014 – There’s something intriguing about Gone Girl that you might not notice based on the trailers and promo posters. Most of the media press junkets that Ben Affleck went to promote the film they asked a different movie that not yet coming out until 2016.

But going back to ‘Gone Girl’ its not only Affleck was the lead star he’s got former Bong Girl who eventually THE girl in the title in Rosamund Pike, that could be his equal in this mysterious film that everyone should recommend to see.

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As mentioned the trailer is impressive to whoever had not read the novel. It gives you an idea what you think of the movie and that’s one of the best twists that’s written for you to see in the big screen For most of the spotlight its Nicholas Dunne (Ben Affleck) in the spotlight and the film won’t lie that his wife was missing and someone might have chuck her in some dark river.

The film begins in the morning a typical day in Wisconsin and the cinematic is visually sound. In-between the films it tells about the life of Nicholas and Amy Dunne who were married for five years. Though flashbacks you get to believe about the fairy tale and David Fincher has crafted a believable story.

But you feel that this already tragedy waiting to happen where Amy (Rosamund Pike) gets murdered through the teasers. It’s not that dark but it is something stylish about Gone Girl than meets the eye. For those who never got the hump on Fincher’s directorial on ‘The Social Network’ four years ago this one must be his redemption to impress you. But this is not about a fictionalized story who founded Facebook. It’s a story based from the novel of the same name that garnered positive reviews as this film.

The accolades when it comes out in some parts of South East Asia, but in the Philippines it will be four days away. Rosamund Pike’s voice narration of their lives gives you the chills that something is really wrong about all of the above. But the twist is gradually impressive that you couldn’t blink or should have had a bathroom break as every bit of the scenes would unravel.

There is also the supporting cast and Barney Stintson is not a wildcard that rarely get the screen time. But Neil Patrick Harris certainly delivered a performance in a serious note that would be remembered to be a sad one.

Overall ‘Gone Girl’ is impressive for a stylish film in so many levels that you might laugh about some scenes which were really serious. It’s the twist and surprises that makes it entertaining and David Fincher has a winner on this one. The film opens in Philippine cinemas on October 8, 2014 only from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros. Picture Studios!

RATED: 4 Out of 5 Stars

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