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10.14.2014 – Dracula Untold is not a horror thriller that previous depiction regarding the legend of this vampire monster. Luke Evans portrays Vlad the Impaler from Transylvania in what could be described as a dark fantasy action film set in a grand scale.

The concept of a vampire antihero has been previously depicted in other films with little success. But Luke Evans takes Dracula Untold into an action film not just with enough fight sequences. But it also tells the story of Dracula who’s not just a blood sucker.

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Set in Victorian era the premise of Vlad’s story is told through the beginning where he was and how he has to fight for the Turkish army. This might be Luke Evans break out film after portraying the antagonist in Fast Furious 6 and in the second part of The Hobbit trilogy that is about to be his next film before the holidays.

There’s not much about to say who Vad was as it was told in an opening flashback. There was less time to introduce the other characters in the film with a steady flow of pace. You won’t get lost in the process but there was indeed some weight towards the climactic scene. There was no explanation for how powerful Dracula was, but when you see it in a grand scale of things HE IS powerful beyond the supernatural context on how he is portrayed in this film. But Dracula Untold seems disconnected about how the legend of this vampire is re-told for the new generation of viewers.

But Luke Evans and Charles Dance portrayed their characters seamlessly with good performance in bringing Vlad III Tepes and the Master Vampire to the big screen. The visuals of the film are great which was shot mostly in Ireland to capture some of the scenes that included Transylvania.

Overall it’s a non-stop action film from start to the end credits set as a dark fantasy, which you won’t notice its disconnection on the plot holes. Its simply entertaining to watch how Dracula single handedly fought the Turkish army. Luke Evans gets high praises in his performance for what could be his breakout film in a lead role. This opens up also to a possible sequel with that its another story to tell.

The concept of merging some real facts about Vlad Darcul and the fictional inspiration from Bram Stroker’s 1897 novel gives a refresh look on “Dracula Untold”. Setting up as a dark fantasy action film is either a hit or miss. But it depends now how you the viewers would anticipate the showing of Dracula Untold.

Dracula Untold heading to Philippine cinemas and IMAX on Otocber 15, 2014 from United International Pictures to be distributed by Columbia Pictures Philippines!

RATED: 3 and half Out of 5 Stars

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