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09.18.2014 – The Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS) return in 2014 with impressive unveilings and marketing gimmicks what to expect in a motoring event. It was wild, crazy, and elegant with a mix of surprises that definitely stand out.

There are so many things to sum up what went down earlier today, but 2014 certainly is not that extravagant as the previous ones from 2010 and 2012 . It’s still the event to be for unveiling the concept cars and the latest cars for next year.

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There have been sixteen car manufacturers that unveiled the latest wheels you’ll probably plan to drive in the near future. There are also some interesting happenings in each company that tried to be the best among the rest. Certainly you might have missed all the pizzazz that stood out, but forget about the ones that really ringed your ears. Just focus on the ones that definitely caught everyone’s attention.

Local representatives of these car companies certainly made a dent out of competition. There are also the ones you might have missed like the inaugural opening or KIA Motors promoting their entry to the PBA (Philippine Basketball Association). It must be the big band performances that caught your attention instead of the Daewoo Love Bus themes or did you just past through Mercedes-Benz and did not noticed if they did unveil something. If JMC is unfamiliar to you have you ever heard of Baic?

BMW was classy that you’ll feel left out if you’re a total unknown. They presented all their X-Series that’s available in the Philippines to date and added the X4 that was presented in front of the media. The color is bright red like a fresh cherry that was picked this morning that you need to taste it.

It was bold, sexy, and technologically interesting. Sorry no details on what else is in there since they promised to email a softcopy that’s still being processed. But you’ll probably be satisfied with the images taken during its revelation.

LEXUS & Toyota had back-to-back presentation. It was first elegant music coupled with fashion show mash up that you’ll see why LEXUS is one of those high end automobiles. They have revealed the NX sports utility vehicle in a grand scale that definitely shows you space age technology can be incorporated in a vehicle that appears to be alien in design that sleeks lines for the deep pockets.

Toyota on the other hand certainly was the most entertaining program that surprised everyone with Filipina singer Sarah Geronimo belting out Michael Jackson’s hits that includes “Love Never Felt So Good.” That song seems familiar when JEEP in the US used it to promote their summer season.

Nevertheless Ms.Geronimo wowed the media, neighboring exhibitors, and people who came on the first day of the event. She really has the star power to get the mainstream on their feet when she sang on stage and it could probably the best for Toyota.

They are also promoting the Vios Cup Manila leg happening next month that includes Magic 89.9 FM's radio DJ Sam YG, who was one of the participants of that racing event. They also have his car on display as host Joyce Pring gives details on what to expect from Toyota.

BAIC motors on the other hand have a wedding themed unveiling and introduction of their company. There were five or six cars that was revealed and its interesting to find out that the company was around since the 1950s.

The huge crowd converges after end of the program the video can give you an idea what they have in store at the same time witness the introduction and reveal of their vehicles for this year’s PIMS.

Just like LEXUS the French car company Peugeot strut their luxurious stuff in front of a huge audience. There were no surprises but they pushed on promoting the Peugeot RCZ that was introduced in the Philippines last year. The sports car definitely turned some heads when it was first seen on the road, but rarely will you actually see it if you’re just walking down the street

There were no further details but the presentation would put you in the experience going to the annual Fashion Week with those models wearing unique clothes. The only difference is that the stars of the event are the cars from Peugeot.

Suzuki was more energetic but that didn’t start until their done announcing what they have in their fleet of vehicles and motorcycles. Razorback provided the music that literally rocks some of the audience socks off. It was a simple presentation that stood out along with Sarah Geronimo at the Toyota area.

Isuzu have Jay Cayuka and his violin and then their launching of the MU-X that have Team Kramer as the image ambassadors along with the little kids. They also were given the same model that they used in the AVP that was shown prior to the calling out the celebrities to welcome the audience.

Team Kramer was certainly a delight to the public being the family to be the image ambassadors of their latest vehicle to be seen at the Isuzu area. At the same time they also provided some refreshments while waiting for the last car company to show their presentation and close the first day of the 5th PIMS.

Mazda was waiting on the wings mostly they are celebrating 25 Years of the Miata and one of their limited edition release was on display loaned from one of the owners. The car was sold out once it arrived at their dealers. They also partnered with BOSE as most of their cars are now equipped with speakers that definitely give you the beat that you need on your Mazda.

Overall the first day was impressive but not as exciting as the last one, but definitely the 5th PIMS moves to a new direction and interesting cars. The event is open until Sunday and for more details about the entrance fee that includes the program LIKE CAMPI Philippine International Motor Show on Facebook!

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