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09.15.2014 – The Philippines did not make it to the elimination round winning one game before their eventful exit beating Senegal. But there’s one thing this small island have is passion for the game of basketball not having tall players.

The fans who came in full support that much is said how Filipinos show #PUSO (heart) and the followers has been considered by FIBA the Most Valuable Fans for best Country.

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Some of the passionate fans in the Philippines still didn’t give up showing their moral support to Gilas Pilipinas all the way to their exit. This took notice by FIBA and gave the consolation not to let the country unnoticed showing how the fans show their passion and pride for the game as what could be the national sport.

With that FIBA has awarded the Philippines with the Most Valuable Fan for this years tournament and this country did its best to show why it’s a basketball country…

As FIBA wraps up crowning Team USA with the Gold Medal followed by Serbia with Silver and France taking home Bronze. There’s more Gilas action which you’ll see the team next in the forth coming Asian games.

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