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09.19.2014 – The 5th Philippine International Motor Show rolls with launches by local distributors of well known car manufacturers, and still continues to add new members to the ever growing CAMPI family.

Volkswagen Philippines is the latest addition as its celebrates is first year since launching in 2013 and bringing the iconic Beetle to local consumers, which also introduce their other line of vehicles from small compact cars to reliable sports utility vehicles.

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For the 5th PIMS, VW also have a special guest in Simon Loasby, Director of Design from Volkswagen Group of China who was on hand to tease the media and visitors in their first look at the seventh generation Golf GTi. It was already announced that it will be launched to the country sometime this year.

Besides the introduction of the new Jetta Sport Edition and the iconic Beetle now in red with white racing stripes a different alternate color to the yellow version that was seen last summer in another motor show.

There was a brief introduction in their new tagline for the Philippines, which is “Engineered For Play” as Volkswagen’s marketing promotion for the country. But mostly definitely all eyes was on Simon Loasby making a live sketch design on the Volkswagen Golf GTi at the same time talking about its past heritage being introduced in 1974 in some markets known as the VW Rabbit.

It was also the car that was taking the original Type 1 Beetle’s places as the flagship for the company that began as the People’s Car. The Golf GTi evolved from the Beetle’s shadow into Volkswagen’s popular hatchback for the modern times.

Currently the seventh generation is a head turner making its way to South East Asia. Its already available in some parts of the region, but this will be first seen at this years Philippine International Motor Show being previewed with Simon Loasby giving some tidbits on what went on the design of the car from past to present and what to expect on the upcoming car’s name was derived from the German word Gulf Stream.

The Golf GTi won’t be seen in person until Friday (September 19th), the second day of the event which will be formally announced at 1 PM. For now the sketch signed by Simon Loasby and the AVP that was shown prior to his introduction will be the preview of the upcoming addition to Volkswagen Philippines ever growing line of cars.

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