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08.15.2014 – You can say that Kevin Durant is THE Baddest, but he’s actually a nice young fellow. But when he plays on the basketball court expect to feel his Thunder like the baddest player to ever come out in this generation of NBA players and that’s what this Footlocker x Nike collaboration is all about.

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Nike has been promoting Kevin Durant’s own signature apparel alongside Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. Out of the three famed All-Stars Kevin Durant has own styles that shout loud colors.

If you mean neon ones yeah seems to be something, which definitely stands out and this transcends to how he plays the game. The scoring champion and reigning NBA Most Valuable Player is certainly THE Baddest and he might be too good to earn the monicker just by watching this clip below:

Though it would be rare that Footlocker commercials would be shown in the Foot Locker is a famous American sporting good store and has built on its images to have interesting skits featuring some familiar athletes from American Pro Sports. Some of them get aired on NBA Premium TV, which is a cable channel that airs live NBA games. This also includes live feeds of TV commercials in the US for the reason why you might come across them. But if you don’t have this HD channel Foot Locker has a Youtube Channel that compiles all the TV ads that they have for you to see.

Kevin Durant plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder whose line of sports apparel and sneakers are produced by NIKE, which have major stores all over the world including the Philippines.

But for someone who has not seen what Foot Locker have in their online store check them out just LIKE Foot Locker on Facebook and follow on Twitter at: @FootLocker

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