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07.12.2014 – Kevin Sorbo has taken so many roles in his career, but for most fans who have known him he’s one person to be known of as Hercules.

The TV series which launched his career, and who would have forgotten that sci-fi film Andromeda that was also created by Gene Rodenberry of Star Trek.

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Now the sci-fi action thriller “Survivor” brings Kevin Sorbo as Captain Hunter who finds themselves trapped in a planet populated with bloodthirsty aliens and mysterious post-apocalyptic warriors. The actor is still all brawn in this upcoming film. “Survivor” is an action‐packed sci‐fi adventure, featuring flesh‐eating mutants against a small group of human warriors, Captain Hunter must lead his human pack to outrun and outsmart the aliens for the human race to survive.

The movie follows Kate Mitra (Danielle Chuchran) after she discovers a habitable planet, but a meteor strike destroys her spaceship, crash-landing Kate and her crew on a mysterious barren world. Separated from her group, Kate battles flesh-eating cave creatures and must learn to trust the planet’s mysterious humanoids in order to outrun, outsmart and outfight hordes of bloodthirsty aliens and an enormous mutated wolf creature to rescue her friends and her captain before they are all eaten alive.

“Survivor” opens in cinemas on July 23, 2014 from Crystal Sky Multimedia. For more about the film LIKE Crystal Sky Multimedia on Facebook and follow on Twitter at: @CrystalSkyMultimedia

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