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07.02.2014 – The JEEP brand has been the pioneer who influenced others like the ‘jeepney’ to be developed and continues to bring out new innovative Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVV) and Off-Road Vehicles. In the US their current campaign is promoting the season of summer.

The promotion of course is backed by a TV commercial that featured the posthumous Michael Jackson song ‘Love Never Felt So Good’ from the album XSCAPE and it features the new JEEP Renegade…

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When you talk about TV commercials some are memorable and have catchy themes. You won’t see that in the Philippines which is driven by celebrity-centric kind of marketing. It leaves creativity and originality out of the door which leaves a product to be significant when you see a personality that is associated with that brand.

But not in other countries like in the US where they keep innovating and coming up with interesting things that will remind you of a brand or a product regardless if its associate with a TV personality or a catchy music and the ‘this will do’ attitude is not the standard that you see outside the Philippines, which brings to the JEEP TV commercial that have their latest campaign promoting their brand associating with the summer season.

Of course Michael Jackson’s song ‘Never Felt So Good’ will be associated with this brand, which certainly works in the way how you adore the season of summer at the same time driving your latest JEEP Renegade out of the bright blue skies of South Beach Florida or in the roads near the beaches of Los Angeles California.

So aside from the song by Michael Jackson you also see all the elements of the brand and what it stands for when you think of summer.

It’s a brilliant campaign for a brand that doesn’t get match attention these day, and you got a winner with the latest TV commercial that talks about the product and at the same time the season how would you spend your summer with a brand new JEEP.

The TV commercial may not speak in volumes but it comes down right original when you just watch it and at the same time appreciate the visuals it carries…

JEEP is a brand of American automobiles that is a division of Chrysler Group LLC. Its locally distributed in the Philippines by CATS Motors Inc and for more about their line of vehicles LIKE Jeep Philippines on Facebook and follow CATS MOTORS HERE.

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