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07.16.2014 – It was expected and everyone only need to see the confirmation. Dwayne Wade is returning to the Miami Heat after his best friend and former teammate LeBron James who shocked the NBA and the world to return to his former team the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Wade is returning to the team that drafted in 2003 where he won his first championship in 2006. Just like LeBron he’s going back to South Beach for another run at the playoffs. This is after Chris Bosh has signed $118M of five years a few days with the Heat.

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Terms and complete details of the deal is unknown but Miami has done in building up the right pieces in the aftermath of LeBron James’ announcement last week. They brought back Bosh and acquired Luol Deng for a two-year $20M deal to fill the hole LeBron has left. The Heat also acquired Josh McRoberts coming from the Hornets and Danny Granger from the Los Angeles Clippers.

This is going to be one of the teams in the Eastern Conference to contend in the packed playoffs next year. If you haven’t heard about Wade returning check out his post via his Instagram account below:

It’s going to be one competitive NBA season once it starts opening its doors this October and you bet there’s going to be teams to watch out for. Definitely the Miami Heat will make it to the playoffs amidst the forecast after LeBron James went back to his original team.

Championship hopes may be unrealistic for now, but expect this team to return and bounce back after being beaten by the Spurs in the finals.

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