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01.12.2014 – There’s a lot of night lights out there made in different shapes, and sizes. Some are inspired from a work of art and there are some who just makes one for your home décor.

IKEA is one home furnishing won’t pass up having different kinds of night light. It’s from the smallest to the grandest, which you have to take some time to choose the best one. For the minimalist a small night light that will do and not just something but it also saves you time on electric bills while admiring its unique design.

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There’s no IKEA store in the Philippines and the nearest branch you can make the visit is a plane ride to Singapore. IKEA has numerous branches in Australia too and this night light was acquired during the trip to the sleepy town of Adelaide.

This night light is relatively unknown not even available in their first quarter of 2014 catalog. But there where several color variations of this mini-night light that has given you enough choices for your home to light up at night. It conserves you the electric bill and enough ambient light for the night.

The OLEBY mini lamp comes in six colors but white is enough to light up you room. It’s powered by an AA battery so it definitely an energy saver. Contours and design is artistic shaped like the classic lamp.

There are no switches to turn on once you close up the battery cover it immediately lights up and if you haven’t any idea how this fair up check the images below.

The IKEA OLEBY mini lamp was sold at IKEA in Adelaide, South Australia for less than $20.00 AU dollars.

For more listings of their catalog for 2014 LIKE IKEA Australia in Facebook and visit at: IKEA.com.au

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