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12.02.2013 – Paroya Ni Edgar (PNE) has been together for 20 years a band that endured with a lot of stories to share. Now they are celebrating their anniversary with the release of their latest album “Bente” which compiles their best songs from their previous albums.

The band was present in recently concluded press conference minus Vinci, but was present in their anniversary gig last week. Speaking in front of the media the band addresses their celebration and the camaraderie that has formed since they started…

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The 20th anniversary celebration of Parokya Ni Edgar in the music industry released “Bente” by Universal Records, which features some of the biggest hits of the band. Bente comes in two editions a DVD release with 2 CD and standard 2 CD compilations.

The DVD edition that includes 2 audio CDs contains 28 music videos of the band plus two documentaries. The standard 2 CD edition contains a total of 29 tracks (27 of the band’s biggest hits plus 2 brand new tracks).

Parokya Ni Edgar (English translation: Edgar's Parish) formed in 1993 by a group of college students. They are known for their rock novelty and cover of popular songs. They have evolved over the years and continue to experiment at the same time providing comic relief to listeners. Despite having "Edgar" in the band's name, none of the members go by it.

Prior to taking the current name they where previously known as “Comic Relief” and became a front act to the Eraserheads in their school. The band started performing in the now defunct Club Dredd which is one of famous clubs in Manila in the 1990s. They where discovered by the late Bella Dy Tan of Universal Records and got them to sign the record deal and the rest were history. Twenty years later the band is still together putting up a new album with the latest is Bente.

Bente is the 13th full length album and in celebrating 20 years. Vinci Montaner the back up vocalist and live comic relief for the band who left in 2012 for the second time returned for the 20th anniversary.

He was not present during the press conference but was with the band when they launch the album at Eastwood last week.

Bente is now available at record stores in the Philippines and for every purchase of the album PhP 1.00 peso will be donated and proceeds will be given to the victims of typhoon Yolanda (International name Haiyan) via the Red Cross.

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