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11.06.2013 – Ma Me Mi Mumu is a collaboration of father and daughter team of Jomike Tejido and Haya Sophia Tejido. The 2010 National Children’s Book Awardee in Jomike brings a story about a story of a girl and a haunted house.

Some of the artworks depicted in the book were drawn by Haya Sophia Tejido when she was three years old. JoMike has written more than 50 children’s books and garnered fan following with the popularity of his Foldabots inspired from his childhood.

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Ma Me Mi Mumu! Features the little girl based from Haya Sophia. The book was recently released during the Halloween. The book is written in dual language (English and Tagalog) featuring ghosts and monsters that are introduced in the book.

The artwork is primarily drawn by JoMike and some by his daughter Haya Sophia. It has stories of Filipino folklore and the supernatural. If you haven’t seen JoMike in his recently successful Carousel Art Exhibit this book will certainly give you a preview on his other works besides making imaginative worlds from Foldabots he paints too.

If you haven’t seen the pages of Ma Me Mi Mumu check out the preview of this interesting children’s book that you would certainly share with your kids, nephews, nieces and close relatives…

Ma Me Mi Mumu is available at leading book shops in the Philippines. For more works by JoMike Tejido, visit: JMTejido.com

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