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08.04.2013 – Secret Fresh returns from its long time hiatus as the new Gallery One was renovated. To bring back long-time friends and inviting first time visitors Secret Fresh opens its doors again with the launch of the Orbiter designer toy for the “Rotator” gallery exhibit featuring the creations of Mark Orozco Justinani.

The featured art has the interesting pieces by Justinani that captures things that go round including classic spinning animated art which used to be the form of entertainment before the turn of the century and the introduction of television in the industrial age.

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Mark Justinani is originally based who studied University of the Philippines, Diliman becoming a BFA graduate who represented the country in various international conferences, workshops, and exhibitions in Japan, Denmark, Australia and the USA. He’s part of the CCP Thirteen Artist Awardee and a founding member of the seminal art collective in the 1990s “Saling Pusa.”

To add more details of his achievements he has also designed the cover of the Eraserheads CIRCUS album.

The reopening of Secret Fresh introduces the “Rotator” art by Mark Orozco Juntinani which will on exhibit in the next two weeks at the newly renovated Gallery One which is now at the ground floor of the store.

Dubbed “The Orbiter” figures aside from the two trademark pieces on display explore the conundrums of illusionistic space in a character riding a single wheel cycle. The other two pieces that was mentioned features a mirror box that makes visual palindromes of the paradoxes of surface and deep perspectives.

The mirrors show conundrums to each one in proposing trajectories of introspection and retrospection through 3D creativity in excavating the correlativity of meaning between images that doesn’t need words to convey.

His innovation in pulling out all the stops in bringing the Mirror Box shows the correlative paradox of space and time with movement forming the basis of suspended animation for how praxinoscopes work. But the centerpiece to all of Justinani’s creation is the Orbiter that stands at 3ft and 8ft made of resin and metal.

The 8ft will be limited to 7 regular editions while there will be 1 special edition. The 3ft will be limited to 50 pieces and 10 special colored editions.

“Rotator” exhibit featuring Mark Orozco Justinani launched on August 4, 2013 to kick off the look of Secret Fresh which will be on display at the ground floor at Gallery One for the next two weeks.

For more inquiries and details LIKE Secret Fresh on Facebook and visit at the official site at: SecretFresh.net

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