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07.29.2013 – Smurfs 2 would be considered a standalone story away from the 2011 film. It was already announced by Sony Pictures Animation that a sequel would be shown this year and through that a hug marketing to promote it was bigger than the first.

In the Philippines the Smurfs 2 was heavily marketed backed by McDonald’s through their Happy Meal promo riding the popularity of the Minion craze from last month’s Despicable Me 2 which is entirely unrelated to this film.

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But surely behind all that jazz the Smurfs has been iconic since it just needs to get introduced in the new generation.

The live action film which stars Neil Patrick Harris, Jayma Mays and Hank Azaria as Gargamel returns in their respective roles. Azaria captured Gargamel’s sinister characterization but they should have made the cat animated.

This is the same production team who brought you the two Garfield live action films and Odie was not the same dog you saw in the comic strip. This same goes to the cat that the nefarious Gargamel have banters with towards past the move credits. The Smurfs are back too but with new characters in Vexy (Christina Ricci) and Hackus (JB Smoove) collectively known as the Naughties.

Smurfs 2 premise centers on Smurfette and her back story how she’s the only female in a male populated Smurfs village. You get to see some of the interesting Smurfs in the films that had enough screen time and you’ll not notice who the actors who voiced each one of them are.

It’s more geared to the younger audience just like the first one but the humor as a bit dried up for some adults who have grown up watching the original cartoons or have read Peyo’s original comic strips. Katy Perry returns to voice Smurfette and the character is the heart of this film. You still get to see Papa Smurfs, Grouchy, Brainy, Vanity and Clumsy with limited role unlike in the previous film.

Patrick and Grace Winslow have grown up raising their son Blue who was born at the time of the first film. They are joined by Patrick’s stepfather, Victor Doyle (Brendan Gleeson) the other human interacting with the Smurfs.

Some of the comedy scenes that have one-liners and slapstick was great with younger audience but definitely was not much amusing like the first one. The actors where great and Hank Azaria definitely became the Gargamel everyone grew up in the cartoon but they sure need to “beef up” the movie’s popularity with more entertainment value that would also please the older audience.

Prior to the film’s showing there was already reports on Smurf 3 which have a screen date on July 24 2015. Even though the movie did not appeal so much it still got box office earnings in some parts of the world.

Overall it’s great for the younger viewers but it falls flat like Gargamel to please the older audience who has grew up reading the original comic strips and seeing the old cartoon.

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