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06.17.2013 – Pugad Baboy the longest running comic strip appearing the broadsheet Philippine Daily Inquirer was suspended for the controversial story that involved an exclusive school for girls which has caught the social media as a trending topic.

In the heart of the storm is Pol Medina Jr. the creator of Pugad Baboy a town populated by heavy weight characters much can relate to everyone. After the suspension there was a huge amount of tribute for the artist and his creation that bring Arnold Arre to the picture.

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Arnold Arre well know graphic novelist for Mythology Class, Ang Mundo ni Andong Agimat and many stories that gave him recognition in this genre paid tribute to Pol Medina Jr.’s creation that he first encounter during his college days. Lately he has put all his passion to filmmaking creating live action short films and recently going into animation which he is currently experimenting.

This was just today that Arnold created a tribute for Medina featuring the beloved characters of Pugad Baboy doing the shuffle and he even captures the way they first appeared back in the late 1980s.

There’s something wrong if you haven’t caught wind about this clip as its already making rounds in the social media.

It’s not long kept secret that Pol once mentioned that he wanted his creations to be animated but it never happened and Arnold came and made this. Who knows what future holds for the inhabitants of Pugad Baboy.

You bet having Arnold and Pol collaborated in the idea would be a marriage of awesome ideas from these two talented artists.

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