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06.10.2013 – Hello Kitty has been one of Japan’s iconic characters who was introduced in 1974. Since then young girls and even older ones have fallen in love with this cute kitten. The world of Hello Kitty has expanded having merchandise ranging to collectible figurines to oven toasters into cars painted with the character.

Hello Kitty is Sanrio’s brand that has conquered every girl’s household. Even the ones who grew up with the character can attest their passion to everything and anything Hello Kitty which has been famous all over the world.

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Takara Tomy’s die cast collectible Tomica has got hold of the Hello Kitty license in producing an exclusive car that featured the iconic Japanese cat.

Dream Tomica is a line of licensed die cast cars inspired from pop culture brands based from movies, comics and animation. The series of cars featured characters from the videogame Mario Kart 7 (Mario & Yoshi), Pokemon (Pikachi & Majumaru), Batman (Keaton mobile & the Tumbler from Dark Knight Trilogy), Transformers Prime (Optimus Prime & Bumblebee) and Hello Kitty with another mystery character.

There were also vehicles based from Tomica, a sub line of die cast cars which feature a police car and a fire truck which has not reached the Philippine retail along with Hello Kitty’s vehicle partner that has resemblance to Final Fantasy’s Chocobo character.

Among the vehicles under the Dream Tomica series Hello Kitty is the most expensive as retailed in the Philippines all of the other cars are priced at PhP 300.00 peso. But Hello Kitty is priced at PhP 400.00 pesos due to the size of the car. It’s one of the most sought after vehicles in the Dream Tomica series which is popular with die cast car collectors and Hello Kitty fans which some specialty stores have jacked up the price to PhP 500.00 pesos or more.

The box has a similar appearance to the other Dream Tomica cars and it has the trademarks and logo of Hello Kitty. But just like the other cars it does not have the product catalog that the Batmobile vehicles that came with featuring all ten vehicles in the Dream Tomica series.

Hello Kitty has her face designed as the front of the car with her pink ribbon sticking out. While the roof of the car is colored red primarily the entire vehicle is colored in white. It’s one of the best looking renditions of Hello Kitty so far that has her distinct shape.

It’s one of the reasons everyone wants to own a Hello Kitty car from the Dream Tomica series because it embodies the character herself being cute in appearance in wheels.

The only thing that doesn't look good in this car is it uses the standard Tomica button tires that some of the general releases that is widely available in the market. Tomica in its long history producing die cast cars has not updated some of their cars with variations of wheels for their cars.

The quality of each Tomica has been better than compared to otherbrands like Hot Wheels and Matchbox which are both owned and manufactured by Mattel.

The competition with the brands usually is won by its “cool factor” of the wheels being used and Takara Tomy has not capitalized in in their general line of die cast cars which is only available in their sub line series that are premium to some hardcore collectors.

But then again when it comes to quality in its entirety Takara Tomy pushes the Tomica line way above the competition when it comes to the paint and molding of the vehicles for the reason why it’s more expensive that your usual die cast cars. You get what you pay for when you buy yourself a Dream Tomica and its evident why Mario from the Mario Kart7 series had a spinoff of its own set of die cast cars that expanded including his brother Luigi and other characters from the videogame.

Hello Kitty is different and unique from the other vehicles in Dream Tomica series for the reason she’s being sought after by a huge market even if it is priced at PhP 400.00 pesos. The character has been around and it’s perfect for a Japanese company like Takara Tomy to bring her to their Tomica brand.

Overall the details are hands down to the paint and its accuracy in bringing the character in four wheels. If someone did have the money and resources to build an actual car this can be possible as they can use a Smart Car as the basis of its chassis that can be a reality anytime soon.

For now everyone will be content to have this littlecar in his little car in their office table or in their collectible shelf sitting side by side with the other Dream Tomica cars.

Dream Tomica series is a sub line under the Tomica brand of die cast collectible cars by Takara Tomca. It’s locally distributed in the Philippines by Ban Kee Trading Co. with a retail price of PhP 300.00 pesos with the exception of the Hello Kitty car at PhP 400.00 pesos.

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