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05.23.2013 – McDonald’s latest Happy Meal for the month of June came out earlier unexpectedly with Bandai’s VooV “transforming” vehicles and Hello Kitty figurines. But most of the focus is on the featured VooV vehicles by Bandai.

The original product line was discontinued in 2010 due to unpopular with the kids as Bandai trying to capitalize on the “transforming” concept. For example a VooV vehicle like a sports car which changes into a Police care doesn’t sound exciting. But with the latest Happy Meal toy this would be an exception.

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VooV vehicles by Bandai that is featured for the current McDonald’s Happy had four vehicles that are similar to the ones released by Bandai. But what makes it special is that they have included a McDonald’s exclusive VooV vehicle

In the four vehicles (car, fire truck, and delivery truck) the last one is a McDonald’s truck that changes into a sort of “pop-up” store with wheels.

It’s probably the only chance you’ll see a McDonald’s themed VooV vehicle that has a light-up gimmick to go along with the rolling “pop-up” store. There would be time to enjoy this vehicle as you need to apply the stickers that came with it.

A VooV vehicle that was released by Bandai doesn’t need to apply stickers unlike the ones that came out for the Happy Meal. But for this McDonald’s themed VooV it’s an exception as you won’t see this in the original release. When you acquired the VooV vehicle the McDonald’s truck is as white as the blank canvass that you need to paint an artwork. But this comes with a sticker sheet that will take time to apply.

Just be careful when removing them in the sticker sheet as they are not high quality compared to actual toys that you need to apply the stickers.

Once you applied all the stickers the VooV McDonald’s truck doesn’t look like just an ordinary white truck that was taken out from the plastic bag. The same goes to converting it to a rolling McDonald’s “pop-up” store.

The kids would have plenty of fun putting the stickers but you need to guide them specially the younger ones who would have the first-time opportunity to do so.

Overall the VooV McDonald’s truck is a must have for those who would be interested in this abandoned concept by Bandai as you won’t really find an actual toy of this version. Plus the light up gimmick definitely makes this unique among the four vehicles.

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