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03.29.2013 – The empty streets dominates Good Friday and most of the people are out of town and basking in the sun somewhere where everyone is enjoying the life of a party.

Though for city dweller it’s not the case as some have got into the thick of things when it comes to the Lenten season.

For the past years even though you’re out of town the city still never sleeps.

It can be described appropriately to the city of London but certainly it also applies to other countries that have employed people working in a call center industry.

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Some might not appreciate the beauty of no people walking in the city during Holy Week but there is something to admire when there’s no one in sight.

Good Friday had less crowds and it was not entirely a ghost town as the past years has gone by when holy week comes to mind. If you haven’t seen the Central Business District in its quiet moment then check out these images…

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