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03.12.2013 – The Dinosaur Project an Irish film was originally released in 2012 and it’s an exclusive shown in SM Cinemas. The premise is about British Cryptozoological Society go on an expedition into the Congo in search of the cryptid, the Mokele Mbembe. Helms, Zach Galifianakis and Justin Bartha this one is about to end.

Along with the five explorers are two television cameramen who would be recording the whole expedition. The special screening was held at the SM Mall of Asia cinema and it’s distributed by CrystalSky Multimedia.

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The actors are not well known but given the plot details it’s interesting to know there are films like this. The concept is not that all-new and if you remember “The Blair Witch Project” you’ll get the idea how they filmed this movie in a setting that had to include prehistoric creatures like the dinosaurs.

Its “The Lost World” meets “The Blair Witch Project” that is a mash up of something quite realistic but it’s more of a science fiction film without the steady camera.

The Dinosaur Project thrives on surprising viewers than giving you more about the story and how prehistoric creatures ending up existing in the jungle of Congo. It’s more suspense than action you’ll get from a film that merges two previously used concepts into something like this.

It leaves you lost in some scenes what the story is about more like you’re in a digital ride minus the 3D glasses and interactive props guaranteed for a good scare.

Overall the Dinosaur Project is a good film for those looking for a suspense that you can see in other films. What captures everyone’s attention is the effects used for the creatures can now be done by independent films like this.

Totally a fright fest than your average fantasy film that has something to do with creature that has been extinct for a thousand of years that doesn’t sit well by anyone who are just looking for a good move that has the elements of getting scare to jump over your seat.

The Dinosaur Project is NOW SHOWING exclusively from SM Cinemas distributed by CrustalSky Media.

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