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02.04.2013 – The Dinosaur Carrier is one of Tomica’s vehicle transport themes that carry different kinds of animals. The transport itself is actually the Isuzu Giga a series of heavy-duty commercial vehicles introduced in 1994. It was known primarily a range of big-size trucks which was previously called “Isuzu Heavy-Duty Truck.”

Its principal competitor and counterpart in Japan, Asia-Pacific, Mid-East, Africa, and South America is the Mitsubishi Fuso Super Great, Nissan Diesel/UD's Quon and Big Thumb, and Hino Profia. There are variations of the Isuzu Giga and outside Japan the truck series are in "C" and "E", for Comfort and Economic editions.

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The Isuzu Giga is not just referred to a single name transport vehicle but there are several variations and different types of heavy-duty trucks associated. This version that was released original by Tomica in 2011 but with a copyright 2007 stamped underneath this appears to be generic. But if you look closely the front cab is more based on the Isuzu CYJ460R exterior which is mostly the standard forward design of Dinosaur Carrier.

There were various engine types that were incorporated in the truck and for this model it was never mentioned in its details which are usually printed on the side of the box. It also did not mention the scale compared to the cars.

Most of the trucks and buses that Takara Tomy released for the Tomica series have no indication of its scale as when you put it side by side with a car like the Chevrolet Camaro it would look smaller.

There is no color variation of the Isuzu Giga that carries a Tyrannosaurus Rex but there is another Dinosaur Carrier that was released under the Tomica Event Model exclusive which is transporting a Stegosaurus. It’s the same Isuzu Giga heavy-duty truck but in a red variant and with both versions it can remove the dinosaur passenger.

The dinosaur with this particular version pertaining to the Tyrannosaurus Rex as well as the Stegosaurus from the Tomica Event Model edition can’t be removed from their base. The dinosaur is more of a display piece minus the Isuzu Giga and they would rather be the passenger at the back of the truck.

Of course the Isuzu Giga would look less of a “Dinosaur Carrier” without the Tyrannosaurus Rex as its cargo being just another generic white heavy-duty truck. Possibly this Dinosaur Carrier is a transporter for theme park bringing replicated dinosaur pieces similar to the ones at Dinosaurs Island unrelated to this die cast collectible just an idea how those huge creatures was transported.

The dinosaurs has been extinct for more than 65 billion years and more of them being unearthed are skull and bones that can be found on exhibit in museums. In the Philippines you can find an actual fossil of a Tyrannosaurus Rex on display at Mind Museum or feed a “live version” at the Dinosaurs Island located at the Clarkland picnic grounds in Pampanga.

The Dinosaur Carrier is part of the 2011 Tomica series of die cast cars manufactured by Takara Tomy and locally distributed by Bankee Toys with the standard retail price at PhP 169.75 pesos.

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