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02.16.2013 – What does a 50 year old need his life? You have accomplished the impossible made believable. Everyone in that generation lived for the good, the band and the glory. You made a lot of people see what a common man accomplish everything.

For the past ten years since you work off the basketball court you still leave us with your nostalgic memories that simply won’t go away. In every old highlight reel you have left us a mark of greatness but still your competitive fire is untarnished.

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You inspired a great generation that is “making a killing in the basketball court and have your name mentioned several times with another player in one sentence. You have given a lot of people to hope for that everything is possible despite any profession. In reality you still struggle to bring back yourself in the place where you walked out 10 years ago.

Until now you are and will be everyone’s inspiration no matter the hardships encountering the tough times. Your motivation and drive transcends not to back down even though in the eye of defeat.

It is human to fail and achieve that makes you imperfect that brings to the table how great you have become. It might not to be too late for you to come back at that age because there’s still this “competitive fire” that still burns within you. No fan would say you’re old but still undiminished. Things has changed but still the Greatest of All Time no matter what you do everyday and its like seeing the sun burns brighter at this stage.

There’s no cure for your “rage” but only to find its use as your strength to propel you further in moving forward. There’s nothing to be said about what you have accomplished us spectators would always be a part of that generation who saw you soar to the sky and delighted that there’s no will be like you.

New players will be there to prove their own greatness but your looming shadow will not diminish how you changed the game forever and for thus it’s not too late or early to greet you a Happy Birthday.

We know its going to be a far out cry to see this because you have other things to do than browse some unknown write-up in some place a few thousands miles away. But if ever you do have that chance no need to say anything because you are already loved by thousands of millions who was inspired to be like you.

There’s no one like you Michael Jordan. The game will changed but not you.

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