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02.18.2013 – Pocoyo (in Spanish meant "You're a child little me") is a Pre-School animated TV series from Spain that ran for five years from 2005 to 2010. He’s the well loved little boy with great adventures and the main character of the show.

But what makes Pocoyo more lovable by kids and “kids at heart” is his friends that are set in a white background full of mischievous quest from the imagination of a kid who enjoys playing. Most of the story revolved around Pocoyo but you can see recurring character s that appears to be part of his everyday life.

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Two of the characters are Elly the elephant and Pato the duck who mostly shares their adventures with our reluctant hero. The popularity of the series expands to the merchandise from clothing to the cute and cuddly plush toys. There are several incarnation of the characters and rarely you’ll see an official one.

Pocoyo not only transcends a young generation and oddly enough even the grown ups have become fans too. Bandai along with license owner Zinkia Entertainment produced some limited plush toys that didn’t make it to the Philippines in its original released back 2005.

Recently there was a wave of limited Pocoyo sightings that has been seen around the selected Toy Kingdom and Toy Express shops within SM Department Stores. The hit among these products is the plush toys that parents and kids are in hunt for. Featured here are a couple of those most sought after characters besides Pocoyo himself.

These days you won’t find Pocoyo anymore due to that when it was first seen everyone has snatched up it since it was being sold in clearance meaning it was half the price of its original retail value.

Mostly the last plush toy you’ll see is Elly the elephant since young girls would get her the last since everyone would chase after the young boy that caught everyone’s heart. Then you’ll get Pato next on your list as your constant partner for the little boy in blue. Pato is Pocoyo’s best friend so you’ll get this little guy a chance and for the reason he’s also sold out.

Of course Pocoyo would be in the primary list on top of everyone but just like in the world without the boy everyone loves it’s important to have his friend around keep him company whenever you have him play any day.

Pocoyo plush toys are sold at selected Toy Kingdom stores for PhP 150.00 pesos and its manufactured by Bandai under licensed from Zinkia Entertainment the producers of the TV series!

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