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02.09.2013 – The Cayenne is a five-seat mid-size luxury sports utility vehicle (SUV) manufactured by German car maker Porsche. Introduced in 2002 and was available in North America by 2003. Its platform was developed by Porsche and is shared with the Volkswagen Touareg and the Audi Q7.

It was built as a prototype V-8 engine and developed in 1995 when the Porsche 920 was discontinued. The second-generation Cayenne was first introduced in the Geneva Motor how in March 2010 following an online revealed on the frames and doors for the Volkswagen Touareg model.

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All other aspects of vehicle design, tuning and production are done in-house at Porsche. Petron had a special promo that directly competed with Shell’s LEGO Ferraris sometime in November 2012.

They have launched an exclusive Porsche die cast car series that can be available once you fuel up in any Petron petrol station in the Philippines. All five Porsche models are 1:32 scale which features light up and sound as underneath each car has built-in speakers this also has a pullback function.

The Cayenne is the largest of the five cars that was available that has opening doors including the rear hatch and that what makes this car stands out among the rest.

The special promo was extended until January 31, 2013 or until supplies last and most would purchase the Porsche Cayenne due to its larger size compared to the other sports cars. It’s in silver color which has no other variation.

It does not show who manufactured the die cast cars and you can see he rear plate with “Petron” labelled in its back.

For a highly detailed die cast car Petron pulled an interest in these collectibles that screams out for its highly detailed design. Rarely you see these being sold in department stores or toy stores, but expect to fork up interest in specialty collectible shops with an expensive price tag. The light-up and sound feature will surely sold you out. When you open the doors it alarms and the light blinks.

If you push down the front end of the car it starts the engine and it lights up as wells as it lets hear the accelerate sound as you playfully pullback the car and let go how far it takes this brute to the far end of your room.

Its quality of the packaging doesn’t look like cheap with the printed image of the featured car as well as details of the actual car itself can be seen in the back of the box.

The real Cayanne has come up with different variations which include a hybrid which is powered by a 288-volt nickel metal hydride battery placed under the boot floor, occupying the space normally used for a spare tire. The current second-generation was released in 2011 and has confirmed to release a Turbo S version that was announced in October 2012.

Overall the Porsche Cayenne is the must have collectible to get first during Petron’s promo that was ended last month sold for PhP 140.00 pesos when you fuel up for PhP 1,000.00 worth of petrol.

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