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02.05.2013 – Are you all in? “adidas is all in” in bringing high quality of style that culminates a unified interest for consumers interested in sports, fashion, street, music and pop culture. Adidas Originals is one of the components that made this brand successful.

Some of their memorable products gets reissued which is re-focused for fashion and life-style. The Handball Spezia is one of those sneakers that falls into this category. Its history gave the brand an identity when it was first released in 1979 and was re-released in 1982 with various color ways.

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The Handball Spezia (as written in the box) or rather Spezial was made for Handball athletes in 1979 and it was worn in the World Handball Championship in Germany in the late 1970s. The handball is a contact sport which is currently played indoors unlike back when it was founded in Europe during the late-19th century. The Handball Spezia (or Spezial) is designed for this sport but due to being reissued by adidas the shoe becomes a part of their fashion life-style under the Originals sub brand.

Adidas boxes come in black standard three white stripe trademarks. But for the Originals it’s in blue with a crooked three white stripes running over the box from the cover in a diagonal slant. The paper wrapping of shoes is also different and you won’t notice it due to the excitement in breaking a pair when you open the box. It had the classic adidas logo printed faded in gold.

Of course the anticipation builds up when you examine the classic design which made this popular with the brand. Its material used is suede and aniline leathers which are delicate. There’s a tag attached to the shoe which says that due to the nature of the material color migration could occur. They instruct you not to wash the shoes rather cleaning it using a brush to remove the dirt and treat it with leather impregnation spray that are available in shoe special stores.

The shoes design used a velour upper for the Handball Spezia with extra padding used for comfort and durability. In the front for the shoe you will notice that there’s a four-zone construction for the hard turns required. There were several color way variations that was produced in 1982 and they are white/red, white/black, and white/blue.

It’s tough appearance this can be used as your beaters for everyday use that has its own fashion identity off court but if you’re into the sport of team handball then this might be a good pair to break out in the game. But having been released in the late 1970s it has become a nostalgic pair for your everyday wear.

There were several more color ways that was released in the Originals brand and most of them came out as seasonal shoes for a “spezial” occasion. This version doesn’t look as if it was designed for a handball tournament, but it takes a luxurious turn with soft suede upper that it takes a vintage appearance which definitely is a nostalgic pair.

The adidas Originals Handball Spezia in black with a running white three stripe is available in all outlet stores with a retail price of $70.00 US Dollars. For more inquiries and details LIKE adidas Philippines on Facebook and follow on Twitter at: @adidasph

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