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02.14.2013 – The anticipation for the screening to A Good Day to Die Hard has arrived. The Philippine press media screening was held at the IMAX Theater in SM City North Edsa. The red carpet was rolled to welcome the media in seeing this much awaited film.

It also celebrates 25th anniversary of the original Die Hard film which has become the template for action genres. Bruce Willis iconic character NYPD’s John McClane is back in action although he kept saying he’s on vacation just to see his son Jack McClane played by Aussie actor Jai Courtney fresh from his villain role opposite Tom Cruise in Jack Reacher.

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The “real” hero with the skills and attitude of the last man standing in John McClane is again at the wrong place also at the wrong time who flies to Moscow to help his estranged son Jack (unaware that Jack is really is a highly-trained CIA operative) who is out to stop a nuclear heist as the film’s premise.

Budapest plays the stand-in country to Moscow in reality but when you see it on film McClane is in Russia with great visuals of the city a foreign country is as captivating as its action film like “A Good Day to Die Hard” and of course it never fails to blow everything along the way. The film directed by John Moore which was written by Skip Woods gives a different kind of Die Hard altogether.

Moore which was written by Skip Woods gives a different kind of Die Hard altogether. Not to disappoint with the visuals, backgrounds and the action it is a Die Hard film, but not as memorable as the first three that came before. It’s entirely an expanded world of John McClane but not the environment that everyone had been familiar with what the character is going through.

For this film you may not recall any potential villain who would go up against McClane. But if you look back to Hans Gruber or his brother Simon they have something of memory that sticks out that you want to hate the bad guys even more. There’s not much brutality in this film that’s missing and leaves you just being entertained visually. It has all the potentials of a Die Hard movie but IT IS NOT what you thought it was which leaves this all dried up running on a spare tire.

Bruce Willis verbally said prior to the development of the film that he’s set to do one more Die Hard film before retiring the character. The expectations for “A Good Day to Die Hard” was so high that it leaves you wonder if there’s going to be a sixth film.

IF 20th Century Fox DOES make the last film bring back director John McTiernan and the original crew who made the original and Vengeance quite a memorable film to see. Because “A Good Day to Die Hard” should not only be about road carnage, huge explosions, or even a Russian hot babe like Yuliya Snigir. It has become a family affair that started with “Live Free Die Hard” (Die Hard 4.0 outside North America) getting to know McClane’s sone and daughter much like Lethal Weapon 4 has come of age.

“A Good Day to Die Hard” has its moments and it delved between the relationship with the McClanes but its missing that formula that made this franchise memorable. Overall a movie that entertained and had blown up every luxury car on the road but it needs some jolt to give that edge.

The film was shown in Philippine cinemas on February 13, 2013 without cuts by 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures!

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